Incredibly Fragrant Incense Sticks For Incredibly Low Prices.

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Natural Incense

Natural Incense

Lavender, Pine, etc.


Cultural Incense

Cultural Incense

China Rain, Musk, etc.


Flower Incense

Flower Based Incense

Rich Rose, Lilac, etc.


Zen Incense

Zen Incense

Meditation, Power, etc.


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Fall Incense

A little bit about Incense Zen.

We sell incredibly fragrant incense sticks for incredibly low prices.

The staff at Incense Zen have a passion for incense and unique fragrances. We love the endless possibility of scents and want to share them all with those who have the same passion as us!

Benefits of Buying from Us

  • Great Deals
  • Low Prices
  • Fast Delivery
  • A Wide Selection of Scents
  • Monthy Deals
  • Freebies Sometimes Included!
  • Buy Incense Online directly from our Shop!

We work hard to keep our customers happy. Please feel free to contact us any time with questions, comments, concerns, or even suggestions!

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Monthly Incense Club

Here are some of our top selling scents!

One of the most known scents in the world, our Vanilla incense sticks are a favorite here at Incense Zen.

A relaxing scent that will leave you stress free. The cannabis plant.

Eucalyptus, a common scent used in soaps and perfumes. This scent will bring a fresh, clean smell to your home.

Frankincense, a sweet, piney, lemony mixture that smells as if it is directly from Japan. This scent is one of the most popular scents among incense users.

List of All Incense Scents